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"If Duo BahiAndaluz's music were an instant, it would be a warm sunset by the sea."

Intercultural musical work, which was born from the meeting between brazilian guitarist Alex Mesquita and spanish guitarist Carlos Blanco. Expresses through instrumental music, the fusion of brazilian music and iberian music, especially bahian music and flamenco. After years developing their careers in their countries of origin and conducting international tours with several artists and in solo format, the two musicians decided to combine their experiences in a residency of musical investigation. Hence, they manage to fuse styles as dierent as Tanguillo, Vassi, Kabila and Bulería, Bossa Nova and Rumba, creating a musical language of fresh and engaging narrative.

ABOUT: Sobre

Alex Mesquita

Acoustic and electric guitar player, composer, producer, doctor in music and professor at the Federal University of Bahia, he consolidated his musical career in the context of instrumental and popular music. His career, with more than 20 years, is marked in particular by musical influences such as the chulas and sambas de roda of Recôncavo Baiano, added to contemporary music, jazz, funk and blues, result of his experience in the United States and Europe. Three awards in two editions of the Caymmi Trophy in the categories, best band, composition and instrumentalist. In addition to participation in albums of names like Teresa Salgueiro, Daniela Mercury, Margareth Menezes and Roberto Mendes. The guitarist also accumulates passages in projects by Airto Moreira, Naná Vasconcelos, Carlinhos Brown, Virgínia Rodrigues, Caetano Veloso, Raimundo Sodré, Ivete Sangalo, Gilberto Gil, Flávio Venturini, Maria Bethânia, Thiago Arancam, Sylvia Patrícia, Mateus Aleluia and Capinan.


Carlos Blanco

Degree in Flamenco Guitar by the Superior Conservatory of Music of Córdoba. He is one of the creators and organizers of FLIB - International Flamenco Festival and Iberian Culture of Salvador. He performed with dierent formations and musical styles such as rock, pop, folk fusion, amenco dance companies, amenco singers and as a soloist touring Brazil, Japan, France, Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, India and Spain . Awards: In 2006, he received the Best Musician Award at the International Folk Festival in Caldas da Rainha (Lisbon Portugal); In 2002 the Honorable Mention in the 1st Vila de Aranda International Guitar Competition - Spain. Responsible for the soundtrack of the shows: Raíces, Rasa y Duende, Dialogus Ibérios. He is currently a amenco guitar teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma in Madrid.

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